14. February 2017 -

Dave Walmsley

I heard on the news this week that it is predicted that robots will replace a third of the human workforce in the not so distant future. I don’t know if this prediction will ever present itself as reality but there is no question that technology is having a significant impact on how we all do business.

Efficiency & Competitiveness

At an overarching level, technology has created huge efficiency within organisations through advances in communication and business processes. Just think of accountancy systems allowing us to track budgets better or warehouse management systems to ensure better stock control. The list goes on. It comes down to storage power with the modern PC and server networks capable of storing vast amounts of information organisations produce and making them easily accessible at the click of a button. It has virtually wiped out the need for paper storage within organisations, and to the point earlier, saved on administration resources! Now many are progressing to cloud storage, taking away the local cost of physical servers and maintenance!

The world is now as a result a much smaller place with technology creating new ways for us to communicate with each other and indeed our customers. When’s the last time you hand wrote a letter and sent it via post? Smart phones and tablets allow us to be contactable constantly and social Media allows us to keep up to date with whoever we choose to connect with, and vice versa! The internet has completely transformed the way we do business. Look at the companies that are thriving through trading online. Customers have reached the point where they expect to be able to click a button rather than lift a phone to order a product. The most successful companies have fully embraced this.

We can communicate with anybody, anywhere at the touch of a button. The internet has also led to companies being able to create geographically separated teams that work as a single unit. They may have spread departments over countries where resource is more plentiful or more cost effective , yet these departments are able to work and communicate as effectively as if they were in the same building.

Using technology to advance your growth model.

You have seen me talk about key elements of a growth model in previous blogs. The use of technology is deeply threaded within each of the core elements. To grow your business you need service excellence and customer satisfaction as a foundation. From my own point of view technology has become essential to achieving both. Within our organisation our development of a digital information hub has truly revolutionised the service we provide and the way we, along with our members, interact with customers. This industry leading technology provides real-time visibility throughout our network to provide information to our members on an array of performance and efficiency criteria. This includes tracking of consignments, scanning and image capture of pallets and other technology such as an App to ensure communication and service levels remain excellent. Being able to capture information efficiently, process it and present in real time, and access it from anywhere at any time is an unbeatable combination.

The objective of the technology we implement at Palletways is to ensure service excellence, customer satisfaction and procedural efficiency that can be passed on to the customer, some key criteria in a successful growth model. However, technology is advancing at an increasingly rapid pace and we must keep up our development to stay ahead of the game. So watch this space!

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