17.04.2015 -

Joining a palletised freight network gives you vital support and benefits of scale you can’t always access as an independent operator. 

Operating as an independent can sometimes be a challenge in terms of guaranteeing a regular revenue stream, and growing your business by developing profitable business outside your core areas of operation.

What’s more, customer expectations are unforgiving these days. The pace of life and technological advances mean that demand needs to be met instantly, and with certainty of delivery assured.

Joining a pallet delivery network enables you to maintain your independence while taking advantage of the benefits of scale and world-class process management, commercial, IT and systems support of Europe’s leading pallet operator.

It gives you the opportunity to streamline your business, and concentrate on an area tailored to your capabilities to ensure operational efficiency and assure the highest levels of customer service. Within our UK network, members have access to shared resources, enabling them to meet every customer challenge quickly, efficiently and profitably. And because our members travel shorter distances than competitors, you benefit from lower operating costs and higher margins.

Just as importantly, you benefit from our significant investment in specialist, industry-leading technology. Our new digital information hub provides unprecedented visibility of consignment status, showing the progress of your consignments updated in real-time, on your own dashboard.

This dynamic, proactive tool enables you to provide a more efficient service to your customers, including the ability to pre-advise collections and deliveries. It ensures you are automatically notified of any potential issues and can take steps to resolve them before they impact on your customers.

From a marketing perspective, we can help you to secure more from your existing customers and expand your business into your preferred target markets with a view to finding additional good, solid, long term, viable business.

As a large, respected international operator with a highly experienced management and marketing team, we have the commercial skills and knowledge to help you drive your business forward.

To find out a little more about the services we have to offer, download our member brochure

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