18.08.2015 -

Leeds-based logistics company Walkers Transport has been appointed main haulier for SD Parr, a food distributor who specialises in glaced cherries and bakery products.

Walkers Transport secured the contract after a competitive tender process. The firm will be responsible for storing and delivering SD Parr’s products throughout the country and is expected to move around 2000 pallets per year for the firm.

John Pedley, managing director at SD Parr, said: “We were really impressed by Walkers Transport. Its network, its warehousing facilities and its IT system all meet our business needs and we look forward to working with them.  We see Walkers Transport as a partner who can help us grow our business and open new opportunities for us in the UK and across Europe thanks to its ties with the  Palletways network.”

Graham Short, principal at Walkers Transport, added: “SD Parr is a well-established business and a key supplier to the majority of UK retailers. Almost everyone has had one of their cherries. Winning this contract is great news for us and supports our growth plans to be the market leaders in the distribution of pallets in the North of England.  Our collaboration will enable us to explore new markets in the food and drink industry.”

Walkers Transport, which also has a depot in Manchester, was founded in 1979 and has been part of Europe’s largest and fastest growing express palletised freight network Palletways for 20 years.

Palletways is made up of 400 depots across Europe of which over 100 are in the UK. Its distribution networks are made up of independent transport companies who share each other’s resources to deliver consignments of palletised freight faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

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